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April 11, 2020

⭐ Featured

No-Code Report is sponsoring Nocode Rumble, an intense month-long adventure where eight talented makers are uniting to create eight unique products.

UPDATE: Nocode Rumble products are being revealed soon! Be sure to tune in LIVE on April 18th to see all of the product demos and hear from all of the makers before voting for the winner begins:

🚀 Launches

Zapier launched Zappy for macOS, an app to share screenshots, GIFs, and recordings with your teammates. Coming soon will be self-hosting on Amazon S3, capture retention settings, user access controls, and of course, a Zapier integration:

Michael Gill's book, Maker Minions, is being released today! Get your copy here:

🆕 Product Updates

Webflow added three new large device breakpoints to the Designer. The new sizes are 1280px, 1440px, and 1920px:

Glide now lets Pro users create custom Sign In screens with a logo and custom background image:

Glide added a new layout called Cards! They also promised Lacey Kesler that they would get some sleep this weekend:

Jetboost now works with the Webflow Select element. DM Chris Spags (@c_spags) on Twitter for early access:

Parabola has added a Webflow Destination integration. Now, you can both pull AND push data to the Webflow CMS:

Draftbit rebuilt their Component Tree interface which improved both the performance and the user experience:

Bannerbear launched an Airtable integration that enables you to automatically generate dynamic marketing assets from an Airtable base:

Universe added a payment block so you can instantly accept payments from Apple Pay or credit cards on your site:

🗞️ No Code in the News

Universe, a mobile website builder, closed a $10 million Series A from Google Ventures. Read about it on Tech Crunch:

Tonkean, a no-code automation startup, closed a $24 million round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Read about it on Tech Crunch:

Jesus Vargas built a Glide app to help Mexico City restaurants during COVID-19 and it was picked up by local media and then sponsored by American Express:

🤝 Community Updates

Webflow launched a new Community page along with initiatives like 'Coffee Talk with the Webflow Community' and 'Webflow Insiders':

Buildbox, the no-code game development tool, was Product Hunt's #1 Product of the Day on April 7th:

No Code Founders updated their website where they'll be sharing interviews, no-code resources, and perks:

🛠 Resources

Webflow launched a free course on how to take your business online. Be sure to share it with small businesses to help them out in the current environment:

Ben Parker shared a 44 minute video on how to use Webflow Multi-Reference Fields with Integromat and Zapier:

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) is going live on YouTube at 12pm CST today (4/11) to talk about the basics of Webflow. Catch the recording here if this isn't enough notice to attend live:

Soliudeen Ogunsola shared a tutorial on connecting Adalo with Parabola to build a 'programming quotes' app:

Nocodify shared an 89 minute video tutorial, Beginners Workshop Part 1:

🏆 Challenges

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to build something using Integromat's COVID-19 module. Integromat will award the top three submissions with free access to some of their paid tiers and the deadline to submit is April 17th:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #24: OK for OK (59 minutes). Ben, Matt, and Lacey catch up on all things happening in no-code, share their preferred no-code stacks, and talk about building OK for OK:

Visual Dev FM #25: Sheets vs. Coda vs. Airtable (83 minutes). Ben and Matt compare the pros and cons of Google Sheets, Airtable, and Coda for spreadsheets:

CodeLess #14: "the developer who can pull those two worlds [Code &NoCode] together." - Michael Gill (46 minutes). Edmund interviews Michael Gill, creator of No-Code Coffee and Codeless Ventures, author of Maker Minions:

No Code No Problem #28: No Code Quarantine + More (5 minutes). Ryan shares more details about his upcoming virtual event, No Code Quarantine. He also talks about Huddle, a new product management tool for makers:

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