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April 18, 2020

⭐ Featured

The makers in the first ever Nocode Rumble shared all eight of the amazing products they've been working on for the past month in a 3.5 hour livestream. No-Code Report is excited to be sponsoring the event and you'll see more updates from us when the products launch and voting starts:

🚀 Launches

Makerpad is launching a podcast where they'll be talking to the founders of no-code tools, like Vlad from Webflow, Emmanuel from Bubble, and more:

NoKode, created by the HiDesign team, is a new website to search and discover no-code tools:

🆕 Product Updates

Webflow launched beta Discounts for Ecommerce, along with a tutorial on how to add them to your Webflow powered online store:

Webflow shared an update that they're focusing on accessibility this year. Their blog post states accessibility will be a company OKR, they're building internal expertise, and incorporating accessibility into their processes:

Chris Spags added another feature to his Webflow Modkit Chrome Extension. Now, you can maximize the code editor in the Webflow Designer:

🗞️ No Code in the News

Jason Calacanis answers the question "How do investors view no-code startups? At what point (Series A, B, etc.) should they transition to their own code base?" in his podcast, This Week in Startups:

🤝 Community Updates

Webflow shared a new case study from Rakuten SL about how their team switched from Wordpress to Webflow:

Miachael Gill's eBook, Maker Minions, earned the #5 spot on Product Hunt on April 15th:

Raymmar Tirado shared a screen capture preview of an upcoming Ultimate Guide to Webflow Interactions. There are a lot of great topics listed, so keep your eye out for the release:

Matt Varughese ran a no-code pick 3 on Twitter. He shared some stats, but the most overwhelming result was that 69% of every respondent included Webflow as a no-code tool of choice:

Nucode added a Journey Progress bar so you can 'complete' lessons and track your progress on the homepage. They also hinted at fun achievements coming soon:

🛠 Resources

Bravo Studios shared a Figma resource called the "Bravo Publication Assets Kit." It's meant to help no-coders create screenshots and other assets needed for the Apple and Android stores:

Mackenzie Child shared a gorgeous Webflow template called Meet Mac. It's a retro themed template that has already been cloned 100+ times:

Stefan Poulos created a cloneable Webflow template (converted from a shared Figma kit by Los Montoya and Matt McDonald) that lets you build a quick and polished online resume:

Lacey Kesler from Visual Dev shared a 7 minute video, The BEST No Code Tools for BEGINNERS and HOW TO USE THEM:

CJ Hersh shared a Webflow Template with tons of reusable components called Carbon Design:

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) shared a 2 hour livestream about learning the basics of Webflow's CMS (Content Management System):

Ben Parker from Webflow streamed live for just over an hour while he developed a pizza restaurant website in Webflow:

🏆 Challenges

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to create a marketplace using Sharetribe. The award is $50 and the deadline to submit is April 24th:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #26: Typeform vs. Jotform vs. Google Forms (77 minutes). Ben, Matt, and Lacey catch up on all things happening in no-code and make petitions (& hot takes) for their favorite form tools:

No Code No Problem #29: Vlad Leytus (AirDev) (27 minutes). Ryan interviews Vlad Leytus, Co-CEO at AirDev, a software development agency in San Francisco that uses no-code to build software quickly:

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