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April 25, 2020

⭐ Featured

No-Code Report is sponsoring Nocode Rumble, an intense month-long adventure where eight talented makers are uniting to create eight unique products. One of the makers, Corey Haines, recorded a video about how Swipe Files was built without code:

🚀 Launches

Makerpad launched the Makerpad podcast. 3 full-length interviews are available now and we'll share here as they release episodes. Right now, you can listen to interviews with Vlad Magdalin (Webflow), Joseph Cohen (Universe), and Kenny Hanson (Mentorpass):

Mackenzie Child announced a new Webflow jobs board and education site coming soon called Flowmingo:

Get Stackd 2.0 launched on Product Hunt (previously known as Side Project Stack) and it gives makers recommendations on which no-code tools to use for their projects:

🆕 Product Updates

Webflow released nested collection lists as well as a fun tutorial using Taco Bell locations as an example use-case:

Coda released a new Doc Gallery where you can explore and share Coda docs:

Payhere, an online payment service, launched a new feature called Storefronts to help people promote and sell their products and services without any code or technical knowledge required:

🗞️ No Code in the News

Farooq Sheikh, Insurance GTM Lead at Unqork, appeared on the Codetalkers podcast to talk about no-code:

🤝 Community Updates

Drew Thomas shared a Twitter thread about the new Bildr website he developed and his experience working with Bildr as it's being built, with Bildr. (No-Code Report is not compensated based on the amount of times "Bildr" is used, but if we were...):

Keshav Narula shared a 23 minute video where he talks to Ben Parker and John Frye about using Zapier to connect apps and automate workflows:

Flowbase will integrate Jetboost filters this week to speed up Webflow cloneable browsing with categories and tags:

David Siegel Tweeted that Glide's website is now powered by a Glide app. He clarified that the site and app just share data, but the site isn't built with Glide, yet:

NoCodery 2.0 released some new updates, like jobs listed by tool, posts opening in new pages, and related jobs and tutorials:

🛠 Resources

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) is live now on Youtube, talking about how to use CSS Grid, Collection List Filtering, and Nested Collection Lists:

Parabola released a 7-video series, Intro to Combining Data in Parabola (11 minutes), as part of a new initiative to teach how to get the most out of Parabola:

🏆 Challenges

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to create a custom landing page generator using Ninox. The award is $99 and the deadline to submit is May 1st:

Buildbox's Game Jam (a no-code game contest) is live! This jam is sponsored by Kwalee and the deadline for submissions is May 10th:

📅 Events

Colleen Brady and Raymmar Tirado are hosting a virtual Webflow Speed Building Challenge on April 29th at 12pm EST:

No Code Quarantine, a virtual event from No Code No Problem, will now be on May 1st and May 2nd:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #27: An Interview with Cat Noone (65 minutes). Ben, Matt, and Lacey catch up on all things happening in no-code and Lacey interviews Cat Noone from Stark:

The No-Code Hustle: Cuppa - KP (48 minutes). Erik Israni, Startup Evangelist at Bubble interviewed KP, founder of Cuppa, a new way to connect with other like-minded people from your community over 1-1 video chats:

CodeLess #15b: "It doesn't have to be... perfect" - #100DaysOfNoCode (35 minutes). Second part of a series where Edmund interviews five no-code makers:

CodeLess #16: "The only constraint is your imagination" - MemberSpace (48 minutes). Edmund interviews Ward Sandler, CEO of MemberSpace as well as a user, Melissa Stephenson of and

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