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April 4, 2020

⭐ Featured

No-Code Report is sponsoring Nocode Rumble, an intense month-long adventure where eight talented makers are uniting to create eight unique products. One of those products will be chosen by the community to be awarded $8,000! Be sure to follow the Nocode Rumble Twitter account and follow along in the process:

🚀 Launches

Chris Spags (Jetboost Founder) built a Chrome extension called Modkit for Webflow that lets you move the breadcrumb bar to the top of the Webflow designer. He also has other modifications in the pipeline:

Bubble launched a new podcast, The No-Code Hustle. They speak with founders, builders, and makers who are creating on Bubble. The first 3 episodes are live now:

🆕 Product Updates

Parabola released a new Publish Dashboard so you can manage all of your flows in one place. Schedule future runs, see your history, and more:

Glide added 3 new overlays to the Tile layout: tags, captions, and avatars. Now apps made with Glide can be even more customized:

Glide added a new Text component. Now, you can render long paragraphs or short labels using different styles:

Webflow announced some awesome updates in the bottom of their blog post, including nested symbols, larger breakpoints, scheduled CMS publishing, nested collections, symbol style variants, asset manager updates, and more:

Jetboost can now automatically generate unique URLs for bookmarking or sharing filter options AND you can now display something when there are no search or filter results AND there is a new reset search option:

Bravo Vision, the app to test your Bravo projects, had a few updates. You no longer need to scan QR codes, all your projects load automatically, and easily share projects from Bravo Studio:

Buildbox 3.2.0 has been released. You can now drag and drop any FBX file with full 3D model skeletons and animations right into Buildbox to use as a character or object in your game:

Calcapp apps are now Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with offline capability, more native app interface options, and more:

🗞️ No Code in the News

CNBC released "Next frontier in Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud battle is over a world without code," an article featuring the no-code movement and tools like Unqork and AppSheet:

🤝 Community Updates

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) shares a lot of valuable Webflow tutorials and we'd like to give back. The first 5 people to buy Nelson a coffee and write 'No-Code Report' in the comment will get one of our new hologram stickers:

Makerpad profiles have been updated with badges that show up when you graduate from bootcamps, complete tutorials, use tools, and gain user recommendations:

Luke (from Webase) posted a blog reviewing 7 popular no-code tools:

🛠 Resources

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) will be live at 1pm EST on 4/4/20 to show how to create advanced interactions in Webflow. If you miss it, he usually makes the recording available:

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) recorded a 16 minute Webflow Tutorial explaining CSS Height, Max-Height, and Min-Height:

Patrick Ford recorded a 15 minute tutorial on how to sequentially page through Adalo records using the same screen:

💸 Offers

Nocodify is offering their lifetime access plan at 50% off until Sunday, 4/4/20, at 11:59pm EST:

🏆 Challenges

Adalo teamed up with Nucode to create the #NoCodeConnectsUs Challenge. Build and submit your Adalo app that helps people during the COVID-19 crisis and you could win a potential lifetime subscription to Adalo Pro:

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to build a weather bot that posts to Twitter. The prize is $101 sponsored by "Maker Minions" (Michael Gill) and the deadline for entries is 4/10/20:

Winners for the Buildbox Sports Game Jam sponsored by Rogue Games have been announced. The challenge was to build a mobile game with no-code in Buildbox:

📅 Events

No Code No Problem is hosting a free virtual event, No Code Quarantine, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST on 4/22/20. There will be live demos and the chance to ask no-code founders some of your questions:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

No Code Podcast #6: Covid 19 + No Code (13 minutes). Alex shares some thoughts on the current Coronavirus situation and how no-code is helping.

CodeLess #13: "I would pay $50 a month for Twitter" - Bram Kanstein (55 minutes). Edmund interviews Bram Kanstein, creator of No-Code MVP:

🦠 COVID-19 & No-Code

Webflow is offering qualifying small businesses a free Ecommerce plan, free templates, and support from Webflow experts to help get through this time:

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