No-Code Report

No-Code Report:

February 15, 2020

🆕 Product Updates:

Glide apps can now trigger Zapier actions:

Glide apps added a Rollup column that can count, sum, average, etc. the properties of related items, or columns of entire sheets:

🚀 Launches:

JT (from No Code Founders) launched No Code Meetups, a curation of no code meetups:

Ryan (from No Code No Problem) and BuildFyre collaborated on a no code inspired merch store:

BuildFyre launched NoCodeDevs, a social network for no coders:

🛠 Resources:

Mackenzie Child released his first Webflow template, Telly. It's now available for $79:

🤝 Community Updates:

Raymmar Tirado posted a sneak peak of an upcoming no code extension that lets you send content to your CMS right from the browser:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

No Code No Problem #21 - App Builder! (4 minutes):

Visual Dev FM #18 - Can You Have a Career as a Visual Developer? (63 minutes):

Codeless #4 - NoCode is an ever-expanding boundary (41 minutes):

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