No-Code Report

No-Code Report:

June 13, 2020

✊🏿 Racial Justice & No-Code

Webflow shared an article on building an inclusive and scalable talent acquisition program:

Memberstack is offering a free 1 year subscription of their product for Black creators, makers, and entrepreneurs:

Adalo shared an article: #BlackoutTuesday — Our Next Steps as a Company:

Webflow shared some of the ways the Webflow community is supporting anti-racism efforts:

Sarkis Buniatyan started a Slack group for makers who are developing apps to elevate racial justice:

JT Esquibel created a Bubble app called Silence is Compliance that collects resources related to the Black Lives Matter movement:

🚀 Launches

The Draftbit team launched Example Data Service, a collection of real-looking data that you connects to any Rest API so you can design no-code apps without needing to create test data first:

Zapier is testing an iOS app that lets you manage Zapier from your phone as well as get custom notifications from your Zaps. (This is technically old news, but we just heard about it):

🆕 Product Updates

Play shared a 2 minute video showing off their upcoming interactions feature release:

Glide added a rating component to their app builder so you can collect ratings (1-5) using an icon scale:

Glide updated their link to screen action so you can now link to relations and the current spreadsheet row:

Glide added new font themes - System, Modern, Editorial, and Future:

Glide added a distance column that calculates the distance between two locations or user's locations:

Universe added product and inventory management to their storefronts:

Unstack added the ability to re-use sections within a page:

Bravo Studio added the ability to search and filter data from any list:

Pory added free subdomains to their no-code Airtable to website builder:

Adalo added custom actions which connects Adalo actions to APIs like Sendgrid, Twilio, etc:

Adalo added new math functions so you can perform complex calculations using dynamic data:

Adalo added a masonry layout for multi-column custom lists:

Zapier updated their Gmail integration to improve labeled email support, include default email signatures, and add more than one attachment to a draft:

Bannerbear added an undo/redo function to their app:

🗞️ In the News

Spotto, a remote work app, is officially the first Adalo app to ever be acquired:

Tech Crunch shared an article: Bryter raises $16M for a no-code platform for non-technical people to build enterprise automation apps:

🤝 Community Updates

Amie Delisa is joining the Makerpad team full-time:

Bram Kanstein shared a Twitter thread about his journey launching No-Code MVP:

🛠 Resources

Sarkis Buniatyan shared a clone-able version the Apple Notes app in Webflow, utilizing the CMS and Zapier to power it:

Tom Bekkers shared several new Webflow cloneables including a CMS driven recipe template:

Moritz Petersen started a YouTube series of quick Webflow tips and tutorials called Quickflow:

Bannerbear shared a guide on how to auto-generate social media content with Integromat:

💰 Opportunities

Marlow is hiring a full-time remote Bubble developer:

📺 Videos

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Webflow interactions for beginners - Part 2 (length TBD - live at 12pm CST):

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Using ChartJS with the Webflow CMS (112 minutes)

Pixel Geek: Build the new SpaceX homepage in Webflow - Stream Clip (77 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Emily Lonetto of Voiceflow (31 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Wade Foster Full Interview (31 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Ben Tossell of Makerpad (29 minutes):

Adalo: #TwoMinuteTuesday | Custom Lists (2 minutes):

Adalo: Introducing Custom Actions (2 minutes):

Nocode Rumble: Meet Joshua Tiernan (JT) - (72 minutes):

Nocode Rumble: Meet Parker Thompson - Nocode.Report (64 minutes):

Nocode Rumble: Meet Arthur West - (51 minutes):

Aaron Jack: The NO CODE movement, the 3 year old company worth $7 billion - io #5 (5 minutes):

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Failory: Becoming a Startup and No Code Expert, with Bram Kanstein of No Code MVP (48 minutes):

Growth Lessons: How Andrew Davison built a $7k-a-month agency in 18-months. (23 minutes):

Web Machines: Education for visual developers (76 minutes):

Makerpad #15: Mike Williams - helping anyone build a marketplace with no-code (21 minutes):

Makerpad #16: Nathan Barry - Reinventing email marketing for creatives with Convertkit (58 minutes):

Makerpad #17: Mike Williams - Building products and creating value with Buildlab (29 minutes):

Makerpad #18: Nirman Dave - Empowering your employees by removing repetitive tasks with Obviously Ai. (30 minutes):

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