No-Code Report

No-Code Report:

June 20, 2020

✊🏿 Racial Justice & No-Code

king lola (@lolaodelola on Twitter) is offering to build a free Webflow site for UK or Nigerian-based grassroots/on-the-ground orgs that help Black people specifically:

Sharath Kuruganty and Mark Magnuson will soon be launching Podium, a platform that brings speakers and seekers closer to have virtual conversations around social issues:

Universe is offering Univers Pro free for all organizers, groups, and grassroots movements to support the Black Lives Matter movement:


πŸš€ Launches

Michael Gill launched a searchable database of every app you can integrate without code:

Webflow announced Webflow Classroom, giving students 90% off annual CMS site plans and educators a free team account:


πŸ†• Product Updates

Glide added conditional visibility options to entire tabs:

Glide added a location component, allowing users to log their current location with a toggle:

Bannerbear added Crawlers, a new way to pull data from websites to auto-generate images:

Circle, an online community tool, now integrates with Memberstack and Memberspace SSO:


πŸ—žοΈ In the News

Fast Company: These tools will be the secret to fueling our economy’s recovery:

AngelList: 10 Hot "No Code" Startups Hiring Now:


🀝 Community Updates

Chris Spags shared in a Tweet that he's working on a new Booster for Jetboost (no details yet):

Play shared a video demo of progress on their upcoming interactions feature:

Elliot had to postpone their launch of Elliot 2.0 due to technical difficulties:


πŸ’Έ Offers

NoCodeAPI is offering 80% off annual plans during the month of June:


πŸ“… Events

Webflow announced Camp No Code, a free remote summer camp for kids. The camp is full, but you can still sign up for the waitlist and recordings:


πŸ“Ί Videos

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Building in Webflow (live at 12pm CST on 6/20):

Adalo: Scheduled Push Notifications (10 minutes):

Adalo: Favoriting An External Collection Record (5 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Jeremy Blalock from Adalo (32 minutes):

Webflow: Capture and schedule client Zoom meetings with Calendly β€” Webflow tutorial (6 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Lacey, Ben, & Matt from VisualDev.Fm (63 minutes):

Adalo: #TwoMinuteTuesday | Multi sided Apps (2 minutes, duh):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Max Lind of 8020 (47 minutes):


πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast Episodes

No Code No Problem #34: Episode 34 (4 minutes):

Makerpad #19: Duncan Hamra and Tyler Bell – How every category of business is building recurring memberships using Memberstack (33 minutes):

Makerpad #20: Sjoerd Handgraaf - Launching marketplace startups and reducing startup complexity using Sharetribe (41 minutes):

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