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March 14, 2020

⭐ Featured

No-Code Report is sponsoring Nocode Rumble, an intense month-long adventure where eight talented makers are uniting to create eight unique products. One of those products will be chosen by the community to be awarded $8,000! Be sure to follow the Nocode Rumble Twitter account and follow along in the process:

🚀 Launches

Anthony Northcutt launched The Mylk Round, a Webflow job board focused on projects starting at $1,500. People looking for help with Webflow can post a job at an introductory pay-what-you-want rate:

Kieran Ball (No-Code Life) launched Design Buddy, a site to help no-code makers find design help:

Joshua Tiernan (No Code Founders) launched MAKRS, an easy way for no-code makers to create a simple portfolio:

🆕 Product Updates

Webflow added "or" collection filtering, multi-image importing/exporting, an updated asset manager view, and collection IDs are now in the collection manager. Those are four huge updates in one week! New asset manager view: Other updates:

Glide added a Row Owners feature that allows your app's users to privately and securely access their data, exclusively:

Zapier added the ability to share a copy of your zap with others. Now, you can give one of the greatest gifts of all, saved time:

Parabola added a native Webflow integration, making it even easier to automate and integrate your Webflow CMS. Right now this is only for Webflow as a data source, but the team mentioned on Twitter that Webflow as a destination is coming soon:

Carrd added a section view to their builder interface for those who prefer to work on one section at a time:

Elliot, a no-code ecommerce platform, announced that on 4/1, 200+ countries will be able to sell, ship, and have funds remittable on their platform. It will also be data compliant, accounting for user consent and over 60 data laws:

🗞️ No Code in the News

Webflow was named the second most innovative company in design by Fast Company. Nike was in the first spot, and Starbucks was in the third:

Webflow and Airtable were listed in the 2020 Forbes 200 Best Startups Employers:

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) quoted Vlad Magdalin (Webflow), Lacey Kesler (Visual Dev School), Victor Kuppers (Betty Blocks), and Emmanuel Straschnov (Bubble) in an article, "Programming Without Code: The Rise of No-Code Software Development":

Snapboard, a YC-backed no-code platform for building internal tools, was featured in a recent Tech Crunch article:

🤝 Community Updates

Raymmar Tirado (Sarasota Webflow community) is working on a new website for no-code related videos. He's published it already so you can have a sneak peak. BONUS: it is built with Webflow and available to clone:

Chris Spags (Jetboost) is back at it with the Webflow + Jetboost mockups, this time, demonstrating what Jetboost might look like if it were integrated directly into the Webflow Designer:

Joshua Tiernan (No Code Founders) added online meetups to his No Code Meetups site. No virtual meetups have been added yet, but it's open for anyone to contribute:

Ash launched a fun site for the no-code community to share GIFs! Expect to see these on Slack, Twitter, and everywhere else no-code people hang out:

🛠 Resources

Jack Vaughan (Glide) recorded a new Glide 101 video. This is a great way to get up-to-speed in under 10 minutes, including more recent Glide features:

Jan Losert (Webflow) is about to release the first of a three-part series on how to create a job board in Webflow. Subscribe to his channel to see the first video when it's ready:

💸 Offers

Bram Kanstein (No-Code MVP) is offering 20% off his course to "make sure you don't build something that nobody wants while WFH." Just use the code FRIENDS at checkout:

Michael Gill (No-Code Coffee) is writing an eBook titled "Maker Minions: 101 Automations for Makers, Side Hustlers, and Entrepreneurs." It will be released 4/8, but you can pre-order it now at a 50% discount:

Buildbox, the no-code game building platform, is having a Spring Sale, offering 30% off any paid plans:

💰 Opportunities

The Webflow Marketing team is looking for a copywriter in the Webflow community to help write product release notes, case studies, and other product-related content. DM Nelson (Pixel Geek) if you're interested:

Universe is hiring multiple roles! Currently, they're looking for a Product Designer, an iOS Engineer, Customer Support, Growth, and a COO. All remote eligible:

🏆 Challenges

NoCodeDevs launched an official site to host weekly no-code challenges. This week's challenge is to build a stock-tracking app in Glide. The deadline is 3/27 and the prize is $100:

📅 Events

Makerpad is hosting a free workshop on Wednesday, 3/18 to help people be as efficient as possible. They'll cover how you can collect and spot areas to automate, selecting the best tools for the job, and implementing now to save later:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #22: Mariam Hakobyan and Softr (42 minutes). Ben, Matt, and Lacey use the first 17 minutes for a no-code roundup, then Lacey interviews Mariam, the founder of Softr:

CodeLess #10: "The tool... is less important than the ideas that you have to share." -Chris Do (55 minutes). Edmund interviews Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning creative and teacher who's been running a motion design and brand consultancy for over 23 years:

No Code No Problem #25: Weekly Challenges & Beta Invites (5 minutes):

No Code Podcast #5: #100DaysofNoCode (23 minutes). Alex interviews Max Haining about his challenge, 100 Days of No Code:

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