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March 24, 2020

⭐ Featured

No-Code Report is sponsoring Nocode Rumble, an intense month-long adventure where eight talented makers are uniting to create eight unique products. One of those products will be chosen by the community to be awarded $8,000! Be sure to follow the Nocode Rumble Twitter account and follow along in the process:

🆕 Product Updates

Webflow added the ability to apply content overrides for symbol instances, including a full how-to guide:

Glide added a Basic Table component that displays a nice table of values from your Google Sheet:

Glide now supports number & date formatting. Formats flow through calculated columns, and display in components (e.g. text, chart):

Glide added Google sign in capability for apps built with Glide. Now your users don't have to remember their password or request an email pin:

Glide added the ability to search within Choice components. A search bar will now be automatically added when there are too many choices to fit on the screen:

Coda launched drag-and-drop text to let you quickly reorganize tables, paragraphs of text, images and/or headers (with their nested contents):

Udesly released cheat sheets so you can add all the necessary custom attributes easily and convert your Webflow projects to Shopify, Wordpress, Ghost, or Netlify:

Obviously AI added a retail dataset to their Data Store. With it, you can predict profit, most common shipping method, average order priority by product sub-category, etc:

🗞️ No Code in the News

Morning Brew recommended diving in to "No Code" (linking to Makerpad) in their recent article, "Morning Brew's Guide to Living Your Best Quarantined Life":

🤝 Community Updates

Michael Gill (No-Code Coffee) and Jens Lennartsson have been on Twitter talking about "delivering what the #nocode game has been missing!" Something is in the works, all we know for now is that it's called ChampFire:

Chris Spags (Jetboost Founder) was featured in a podcast, Forward Thinking Founders. The episode is 24 minutes long:

Makerpad made a few pricing changes. Students can get Makerpad Pro for $20/year, lifetime access is back for $600, and business seats are now available for companies looking to up their no-code game:

🛠 Resources

Kieran Ball recorded a 90 minute introduction to Bubble video. He covered everything he wish he would have known when he started as well as how he built Vidpops:

Patrick Ford recorded an 11 minute video tutorial about using the Pixabay API to dynamically search for images in Adalo:

Evan Drake wrote a book, "How to Build an App with No Code: 7 Steps To Scale Your Idea" It's available now for $10 paperback or $5 digital:

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) recorded an 18 minute video tutorial about how to use CSS position in Webflow:

Nelson Abalos Jr (Pixel Geek) recorded a 15 minute video tutorial about playing dynamic background videos on mouse hover in Webflow:

💸 Offers

Bram Kanstein (No-Code MVP) is now offering 40% off his course so you can learn new skills while working from home. Click the link for a discount code:

No Code No Problem is partnering with Unstack to give away 1 free year of Unstack. Follow/retweet to enter and the winner will be announced on April 1st:

🏆 Challenges

NoCode Devs announced a new no-code challenge, to build a membership website with Memberspace and Webflow. The prize is $1,000 credit for the Memberspace Business Plan (1 year of access) and the deadline for entries is 3/27:

📅 Events

Isaac announced an online "No-Code Summit" happening April 5-11, 2020. You can register now:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #23: No-Code Round Up and COVID-19 (25 minutes). Ben, Matt, and Lacey use most of the time for a no-code roundup and finish with a quick note on COVID-19.

CodeLess #11: "I just walked into a SaaS candy store." -Jean-loup Karst (45 minutes). Edmund interviews Jean-loup Karst, co-founder of Secret, a software perks platform for entrepreneurs:

No Code No Problem #26: GIVEAWAY with Unstack & IGenApps (5 minutes). Ryan talks about a giveaway that he's running with Unstack on Twitter:

🦠 COVID-19 & No-Code

Integromat is adding a Covid-19 app that will get numbers about a country's cases, recovered, and more in a scenario to send to any other app or device. They're making it completely free and it won't count towards the number of operations used:

Glide will remove your data limits for free if you've built an app to help your community during the pandemic and ran out of data on the free tier:

Webflow is available free of charge to any organization creating informational websites to slow the spread of COVID-19:

Adalo is making any apps related to COVID-19 free of charge:

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