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No-Code Report:

May 16, 2020

⭐ Featured

Nocode Video is hosting CloneComp, a fun three-day self guided competition designed to test your Webflow skills and connect you with other makers in the no-code community. The event will run from June 9th -12th and top competitors will receive prizes from Finsweet, Makerpad, Memberstack, Jetboost, and more:


πŸš€ Launches

Finsweet released SweetJS, free JavaScript support for any Finsweet product like the F'in Sweet CMS Library for Webflow:

Quentin Villard launched Nocode Mentors, one of the Nocode Rumble products, to help people get mentored by top no-code makers:

Softr just launched their first public version of their no-code website builder:

Elliot announced that they'll be launching their Global Commerce Platform on June 18th and they've already begun showing off their new brand:


πŸ†• Product Updates

The Adalo and Zapier integration is out of beta. Now you can connect your Zaps to your Adalo apps:

Bannerbear added the ability to create and share image-generating forms:

Webflow Ecommerce now supports digital goods (beta). You can now add links to file downloads to any product and the file link will be automatically delivered after purchase:

Visual Developer Space, which is a platform aimed at providing easy and step-by-step resources on visual development and design, got a new website:

Universe updated their interface to make it easier to move blocks up and down the page:


🀝 Community Updates, a website built by Bram Kanstein using Carrd, Zapier, and Airtable, was acquired by a SF-based VC firm after reaching 20k users:

David Adkin from Adalo put together an eBook/website where he interviewed experts in the no-code space about the future of no-code:

Webflow replied to a Tweet asking when they would have a Webflow merchandise store with "Soon":

No Code MBA interviewed Andrew Davison about how Luhhu makes money helping other businesses use Zapier:

Aron Korenblit from Automate All The Things interviewed Chris Spags from Jetboost about Webflow's ecosystem:


πŸ›  Resources

Webflow released a new Ebook, The no code revolution. Learn what the no code movement means for the future of makers and businesses:


πŸ’Έ Offers

Patrick Ford and Nocodery announced an upcoming course, learn to build an Instagram clone in Adalo. They are selling pre-orders for $9.90:

Jacob BΓΈtter is running a Kickstarter for an upcoming book he's writing: The handbook on no-code and low-code tools for non-techies:


πŸ’° Opportunities

Goncalo from Nocodery is looking for people with Webflow skills to develop a paid course:

Zeroqode is looking for an Email Marketing Expert with 2-3 years of experience and copywriting skills:


πŸ† Challenges

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to create a step-by-step instructional one page website using Webflow. The award is a design consultation on any Webflow site and the deadline to submit is May 22nd:


πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast Episodes

Conscious Creators: Vlad Magdalin - The 15 Year Journey To Building Webflow and Creating the NoCode Category (73 minutes):

Inside Outside Innovation: Jeremy Blalock, Adalo's CEO on Innovating with No-Code Mobile App Tools (14 minutes):

Visual Dev FM #30: An Interview with Arlan Hamilton (48 minutes):

Visual Dev FM #31: The Future is No-Code (42 minutes):

Makerpad Podcast #9: Vinay Patankar - Simplifying operational efficiency for enterprise middle market organisation with Process Street (35 minutes):

Makerpad Podcast #10: Graham Hunter - Helping build the future with the Segment Startup Program (29 minutes):

The No-Code Hustle: Metisphere - Shane Anastasi (55 minutes):


πŸ“Ί Videos

Flux: Webflow for Beginners 2020: The best web design software (13 minutes):

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Custom Webflow Tabs:

Pixel Geek: Using Webflow with Integromat - Stream clip - Tutorial (14 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code Book & Mini-Series (3 minutes):

Visual Dev Co: The Future is No-Code with Adalo Co-Founder, David Adkin (40 minutes):

Pixel Geek: Using Webflow with Zapier - Intro tutorial - Stream clip (22 minutes):

Visual Dev Co: Interview with Arlan Hamilton (48 minutes):

Webflow: Animated buttons and flexbox button wrappers - Web design tutorial (14 minutes):

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