No-Code Report

No-Code Report:

May 23, 2020

🚀 Launches

Noah Raskin and Finsweet launched CodeCrumbs, a free code snippet library for Webflow:

🆕 Product Updates

Bannerbear's Airtable integration now supports linked rows / lookup fields:

Webflow Ecommerce now integrates directly with Printful, a popular merchandise print-on-demand company:

Webflow added the option to bulk delete files from the Asset Manager:

Memberstack updated their dashboard to now work in Safari:

Jetboost added the ability to show which filters have been applied to your Webflow site and to show/hide results based on whether your search/filters are active:

Stacker, the app builder for Airtable, is adding support for Google Sheets:

🗞️ In the News

Wired released an article by Clive Thompson, The New Startup: No Code, No Problem:

🤝 Community Updates

The Nocode Rumble site is live with all of the Nocode Rumble projects. Voting begins next week:

🛠 Resources

Ryan Morrison from Webflow shared a Tweet thread tutorial on how to change the color of an SVG on hover/click in Webflow using Figma and a little code:

Thomas Bosc shared a Tweet thread tutorial on how to create one of the animations from his Awwward nominated Webflow portfolio site:

Udesly released a new doc where you can copy/paste Webflow elements from the doc to your Webflow project:

Udesly released Webflow adapter templates with everything needed to convert a site using Udesly:

📅 Events

Webflow is hosting a Virtual World Tour where they'll talk to local customers and experts around the world in August and September:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #32: An Interview with the Memberstack Founders (74 minutes):

Makerpad #11: Mariam Hakobyan - Empowering the 99% to build software products without code. (18 minutes):

Makerpad #12: Ward Sandler - Creating the access to build communities that scale with Memberspace (43 minutes):

The No-Code Hustle: Announcefly - Reece Lyons (31 minutes):

Churn FM #62: Why churn and retention have taken the backseat at Webflow. (37 minutes):

📺 Videos

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Custom Webflow Audio Player (115 minutes):

Pixel Geek: Custom Webflow Tabs with interactions - Stream Clip (49 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Vlad Magdalin Full Interview (60 minutes):

Adalo: The Future is No-Code | Tara Reed Full Interview (24 minutes):

Nocode Rumble: Meet Tom Osman, Makerpad - Sponsor Session (55 minutes):

Visual Dev Co: Interview with the Memberstack Co-Founders (74 minutes):

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