No-Code Report

No-Code Report:

May 9, 2020

🚀 Launches

Steven Hilario, part of the Nocode Rumble, launched Ubuild, a place to discover unique Webflow projects from across the web developed by talented no-code makers:

🆕 Product Updates

Slack updated their Zapier integration so you can now create Zaps from within Slack:

Earnest Capital has invested in Jetboost, the popular Webflow search and filtering integration from Chris Spags:

Airtable updated the page designer block with advanced customization options for image attachments in linked tables:

Stacker has added support to display Airtable's rich text fields:

NoCodery's course pages were updated and Goncalo, the Founder of NoCodery is looking for feedback:

Parabola made another update to their flow builder so you can automatically splice your flows when adding or moving steps without losing connections:

Webflow scheduled publishing is now in beta. You can schedule new CMS items to be published at specific times in the future:

🗞️ In the News

SD Times: Low-code is the heart of modern software development:

Forbes: Add Dexterity Without Disruption: Let Low-Code Empower IT And Drive Digital Transformation:

ZDNet: Salesforce rolls out new low-code features for Lightning App Builder:

Forbes: Paragon Enables Low-Code Software Development For All:

🤝 Community Updates

Webflow Tweeted a #ThrowbackThursday link to Kibble, a "Google for dogs" built entirely with Webflow to demonstrate their search capabilities:

Busywork is creating a backend connection for Webflow. Chris Spags (Jetboost) Tweeted "If you've dreamed of building applications using Webflow, just wait until you see what Busywork has in store...":

Vincent Bidaux, an active member in the Webflow community, has been Tweeting about Webflow secrets/overlooked features. This week has been about VMIN/VMAX properties and keyboard shortcuts:

Nocode HQ kicked off a Nocode Maker Interview series starting with Colin Winhall:

🛠 Resources

Parabola created a 5-video series (~20 min) to help you get started with the basics of Parabola:

Ryan Morrison, Design Manager - Brand Studio at Webflow, shared a Tweet thread about how he built a scroll interaction on his portfolio site:

📺 Videos

Nocode Rumble: Meet Duncan Hamra, MemberStack - Sponsor Session (84 min):

Nocode Rumble: Meet Noah Raskin, Graphic Owls - Sponsor Session (56 min):

Nocode Rumble: Insured Nomads - Launching the Website (66 min):

Pixel Geek: How to Webflow (Live): Using Zapier, Integromat and Parabola with Webflow:

Pixel Geek: Webflow beginner interactions - Stream clip (49 min):

Webflow: Introducing scheduled publishing for Webflow CMS items (48 sec):

Pixel Geek: Thomas Bosc explains his portfolio website building process - Stream clip (30 min):

💰 Opportunities

Bravo Tweeted that nextLive is looking for an entrepreneur with Bravo Studio experience to join their journey:

🏆 Challenges

No Code Devs announced this week's challenge, to create a no-code tool using Wayscript. The award is a t-shirt and the deadline to submit is May 16th:

📅 Events

Tara Reed (Apps Without Code) is hosting a free webinar on how to build an app without code and create a new income stream. The webinar is on Wednesday, 5/13 at 8pm ET and seats are limited:

🎙️ Podcast Episodes

Visual Dev FM #29: An Interview with Nelson Abalos (73 min):

Makerpad Podcast #7: Mike Miello - Adding creativity to client projects with no-code tools (18 min):

Makerpad Podcast #8: Evan Davies - Keeping it all together at work with Coda. (43 min):

DronaHQ: What is a No-Code Software (28 min):

No Code No Problem #31: #NoCode Investor Panel, Electrician Path, Atlantica Apps + More! (5 min):

CodeLess #18: "Your behavior is the interface. " - Chris Dancy and Armel Beaudry (22 min):

The No-Code Hustle: Switchboard - David Pal (30 min):

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